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Far Acres Farm and the Kinney Hill Equestrian Facility

Barn Rules

Barn Policies Revised 4/20/2004:

  • Parking for cars is on the pavement in back of the garage only. Do NOT park directly in front of the barn except briefly for loading and unloading.
  • DOGS must be kept under control at all times. Dogs which pose a danger to horses or people will be asked to leave.
  • Parking for trailers is limited. If you must park it here, do so towards the pond across the paved road from the equipment shed. NO trailer parking in front of the house.
  • Permission of the operator is required before taking a lesson on the premises from an outside instructor. Instructors/trainers must sign a release form before giving instruction to boarders and/or their horses at Kinney Hill.
  • Kinney Hill will put blankets and/or protective gear on horses as provided by the owner. Oral medication for temporary (10 days maximum) conditions can be administered by Kinney Hill if supplied by the owner. Any other services are "special care" and may be subject to an additional charge.
  • Horses will be turned out as much as possible with respect to weather conditions.
  • Each stall is allocated space for one tack box of reasonable size and two saddle and three bridle racks.
  • Please be courteous - clean up after your horse in the aisle and wash rooms. Habitual offenders may be charged an additional fee.
  • If you are riding at the time that feeding occurs we will leave your horse's grain in the feed room for you to administer when appropriate.
  • Helmets (ASTM certified) MUST be worn at all times. Failure to do so will result in expulsion.
  • Please do not ride on the hay or the lawn. People leaving divots on the lawn must either fix them or face fines levied by the tenants. Riding on the hayfields will be allowed at certain times of the year as posted. Please be aware that the groundhogs are busy and watch out for holes in the fields.
  • Access to trails on neighboring properties is by courtesy of the landowners; if this is abused, permission could be withdrawn. Also, be aware that New Hampshire law limits landowner liability arising from recreational use.
  • The following refer to arena use:
    • Pass left to left
    • No chatting on the rail
    • Working horses have the right of way over horses relaxing or cooling out.
    • Slower traffic to inside.
    • Call your jumps and location when overtaking another horse.
    • Always ride in control and be courteous of the riders around you.

Questions - See Katrina or Jocelyn.