Preserved Boston and Maine Passenger Equipment

The part of this compilation listing preserved wood cars is the work of a Chicago railfan, and was provided to me by Ted Anderson . My focus here is equipment that is still more or less as it was when in B&M service - I am giving a lower priority to heavily modified equipment like the Boise Budds in service for Virginia Rail Express. Much of the information came from sources in the literature and the world wide web - I intend to expand and revise it as more complete information becomes available. Corrections and criticisms to .

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Surviving Passenger Equipment of the Boston & Maine RR.

Number Description Location Notes
31 6-4-6 LW sleeper/P-S/1954 at Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. circa 2000 Hampton Beach for sale
34 6-4-6 LW sleeper/P-S/1954 L.A. area Salisbury Beach private car, sometimes operated on Amtrak trains
84 HW Diner/Pullman/1930 Steamtown Maine, to Mountaineer 1947
"102" Wood Combination/Concord Shops/1899 St. Louis Museum of Transport Arkansas & Missouri paint, number
176 (ex 1170) 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1904 Meadows, NH privately owned
179 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1905 Strasburg RR  
182 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1905 Strasburg RR  
211 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1906 Strasburg RR  
216 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1906 Steamtown  
245 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1907 Strasburg RR  
246? 66'/Wood Coach/Pullman/1907 Steamtown  
271 68'/Wood Coach/Laconia/1909 Strasburg RR  
293 68'/Wood Coach/Laconia/1910 Strasburg RR  
313 68'/Wood Coach/Laconia/1910 Strasburg RR  
393 68'/Wood Coach/Laconia/1910 Strasburg RR  
557 68'/Wood Coach/Laconia/1911 Conway Scenic RR  
626 Wood Coach/B&M/1900 Steamtown  
959 Wood Coach/Laconia/1893 Steamtown  
1090 Wood Diner/Pullman/1907 Illinois Railway Museum indoors, needs work
1094 Wood Cafe/Pullman/1906 Illinois Railway Museum indoors, being restored
1910 4-door Steel Milk/Gen. Am./1957 Railway Museum of N.E.  
1920 2-door Steel Milk/Gen. Am./1957 Railway Museum of N.E.  
2069 Wood Combine/B&M/1892 Steamtown (No Trucks)  
3633 Steel Combine/Barney & Smith/1914 ex-DL&aamp;W 1942, in West Sunapee, NH (No Trucks)  
4590 AF coach/O-B/1935 Twin Forks Chapter NRHS LIRR 7526, in Riverhead, NY
4803 LW coach/P-S/1947 Roanoke Chapter NRHS Blackbird, in excursion service
6000 Flying Yankee/Budd/1935 Lincoln, NH Restoration in progress
6105 RDC-1/Budd/1953 Hobo RR, Lincoln NH no motors
6110 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Trinity Rail Express, Dallas TX in commuter service, ends apparently rebuilt with Phase II parts
6118 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Hobo RR, Lincoln NH no motors
6120 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Seminole Gulf RR no motors
6122 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Seminole Gulf RR no motors
6126 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Cape Cod Scenic, then to Belfast & Moosehead Lake, now at Berkshire Scenic serviceable
6143 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Peganto RR Service? serviceable
6148 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Hobo RR, Lincoln NH no motors
6152 RDC-1/Budd/1956 Conn. Eastern RR Museum de-motorized
6154 RDC-1/Budd/1956 Green Mountain RR, Bellows Falls VT no motors
6155 RDC-1/Budd/1956 Seminole Gulf RR  
6209 RDC-1/Budd/1955 Hobo RR, Lincoln NH no motors
6211 RDC-2/Budd/1955 Bedford, MA Depot museum no rail access
6305 RDC-3/Budd/1958 Blue Mountain & Reading RR RPO/bagg. space removed, serviceable
6907 RDC-9/Budd/1956 Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. for sale
6908 RDC-9/Budd/1956 Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. for sale
6921 RDC-9/Budd/1956 Hobo RR, Lincoln NH no motors

Some unidentifed equipment is noted here - further information welcome.

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